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Sharing Cycle 2016-2019

Below are reference documents for Cycle 2016-2019

Today's Date: February 5, 2016 (contact Marty Vitale for information)

    • BG7-TechnicalCommittees-February2013.pdf - This guide is a resource on the definitions used to make up the membership of any national committee from countries that are members and provide a first delegate.

    • Terms of Reference-November2015.pdf - This guide provides you with references and definitions of the strategic themes, the technical committees and task forces, member type on each TC, TC titles, goals, strategies and the expected output.  Plus an overview for each strategic theme.

    • Planning of kick-off meetings.pdf - Schedule of kick-off meetings for each of the Technical Committees 2016-2019 Cycle, the meeting place: La Défense, Paris (France) and dates in February/March 2016.

    • TC-Kick-off-meetings-2016.pdf - Details, times, locations for the calendar of meetings for each Strategic Theme is the following:

      - 16 to 18 February 2016 – Strategic Theme A and Committee on Terminology

      - 23 to 25 February 2016 – Strategic Theme B

      - 1 to 3 March 2016 – Strategic Theme C and E

      - 8 to 10 March 2016 – Strategic Theme D

The leftside menu bar offers an individual page for each technical committee and task force.  Members are encourage to provide information on their activities during the life of this new cycle.  There are 18 active groups of with FHWA and/or AASHTO members populating them of 21 available by WRA.