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TC 1.1 Performance of Transport Administrations

AASHTO Members:

TC 1.1 Performance of Transport Administrations                                
English Speaking Secretary 
Connie Yew
Program Improvement Team Manager
Federal Highway Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue S.E.
Washington, Dist of Columbia  20590
202 366-1078;
Full Member
Mara Campbell
Customer Relations Director
Missouri Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 270
Jefferson City, Missouri  65102-0270
AASHTO Alternate - Jim McDonnell 



Shared information:

Summary of Accomplishments
  1. TC 1.1 met in Vienna, Austria in May 2013 and Arusha, Tanzania in September 2013 to present and discuss progress of TC 1.1 work program.
  2. Concerns expressed earlier by Jean-François CORTÉ regarding Workgroup 3 work program and subsequently reiterated by Frederich ZOTTER were addressed at the Arusha meeting.
  3. The seminar held in Arusha, Tanzania was a success with an estimated 145 attendees from nearly 30 countries--( 26 countries were represented at the opening ceremony and a few more were expected)
Proposed Future TC 1.1 Meetings and Seminars (Tentative)
  • London:  April 28 - May 2, 2014
  • 2nd Seminar in S. America (Chile) or Asia (Philippines or Vietnam):  Sep/Oct 2014
  • USA (in conjunction with TRB Performance Measurement Conference):  early 2015
  • Seoul:  2-6 November 2015
Significant Issues:
The remaining significant issues dealing with WG3 work program were resolved during the meeting in Arusha.
  • Integrity Toolkit:  Frederich ZOTTER reminded WG3 (via a 20 September 2013 email) that “the provided case studies must cover anti-corruption tools used already in some countries outside the PIARC toolkit as well, to allow a comparison.” To that end, WG3 is prepared to produce an integrity toolkit report to include a summary of certain aspects from the survey as well as case studies from other countries using anti-corruption tools and measures.
  • Role of Media:  WG3 is prepared to produce a second report using the framework presented by SANRAL on “Media’s influence in shaping perceptions of fraud, waste and abuse in transport and road administrations” as well as general practice case examples.
Anticipated Follow-up:
  • Connie Yew serves as the English-speaking Secretary.  Yew serves as co-leader of WG3 on Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Measures, will be responsible for preparing the final WG3 report on Integrity Toolkit.
  • Yew plans to develop an article on the Recovery Act for WRA Routes/Roads for publication next summer.
  • Yew and Mara Campbell will be working with AASHTO and TRB to jointly host a TC 1.1 meeting in the United States during the TRB International Conference on Performance Management (in early 2015).