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TC 1.5 Risk Management
TC 1.5 Risk Management
Corresponding Member
James Lambert (co-chairs WG1 on the role of risk assessment in policy development and decision making)
Associate Director Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems
University of Virginia
PO Box 400747 112C Olsson Hall 151 Engineers Way
Charlottesville, Virginia  22904

AASHTO Alternate - Kelley Rehm

Shared Information:

A request from TC 1.5 - The technical committee is actively seeking best practices of highway agencies in "Role of risk assessment in policy development and decision making."  DOTs, consultants, and others are invited to send links or narrative (reports, articles, etc.) on such efforts to Jim Lambert ( to be compiled and cited in the forthcoming 2014-2015 report of the PIARC TC 1.5 on the above topic.


 In 2013, the TC 1.5 fielded a survey on risk management practices to member countries of PIARC. They collected best practices in risk management from the member countries of TC 1.5. They developed the detailed/annotated outline of the report. TC 1.5 planned their contributions to Routes and Roads. Jim Lambert chaired WG1 in Osaka Japan in May 2013 in the absence of the chair from Canada. In Osaka Lambert made a presentation on radiological disaster preparedness of highways in the US national capitol region and risk management of land development affecting highway corridors, and other applications of risk management. There were several hundred in the audience for this workshop. There was a well received talk by the director of California DOT emergency management.
TC 1.5 met in October 2013 in Merida Mexico. The regular chair Mr. Frenette from Canada attended and led WG 1 there. In the fall the members of the WG1, WG2, and WG3 are all preparing draft narrative contributions to a final report. The next meeting of the TC1.5 is in Milan Italy in Spring 2014.
Overall this is a cohesive group working effectively across representatives from many nations. The overall TC1.5 is led by Tamura and Adachi of Japan. The outline of the planned TC 1.5 report is will be forthcoming when final.