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TC 2.3 Freight Transport and Co-Modality


TC 2.3 Freight Transport  Co-Modality
Associate Member
Crystal Jones
Federal Highway Administration
1200 New Jersey Ave. S.E.
Washington, Dist of Columbia  20590-9898
Full Member
Teresa Adams
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1415 Engineering Drive 2205
Madison, Wisconsin  53717
608 263 3175;
Full Member
William Gardner
Director Freight Rail and Waterways
Minnesota Department of Transportation
395 John Ireland Boulevard Transportation Building MS 470
St. Paul, Minnesota  55155-1899

AASHTO Alternate - Chris Smith


Committee Chair, Don Hogben , Australia.
Technical Committee (TC) 2.3 - Freight Transport, is one of five technical committees working within Strategic Theme (ST) 2 - Access and Mobility. The goal of ST 2 is to encourage the improvement of access and mobility provided to the community and industry by improved road network operation and integration with other transport modes.
The focus of the TC 2.3 working groups is to address two key issues: Freight Management and Co-modality for Freight Transport, more specifically:
  • Study the overall system of interurban / urban freight management, considering the influence of logistics strategies on: delivery models and road freight transport, overnight transport, dangerous goods transport, road access and guidance control, terminals and transfer stations, truck parking and security. Investigate truck management strategies and measures to improve the economic and environmental efficiency of road freight (including noise reduction); and
  • Investigate how the concept of co-modality is implemented with the objective of an optimal use of the different modes of transport for freight. Identify the initiatives, objectives, results and obstacles. Analyse, in particular, the outcomes regarding modal shift of freight transport from roads to other modes.

Meetings and Projects

The TC has met three times to date, most recently in Chicago on 22 - 24 May 13. Work has commenced on both TC 2.3 projects.

Working Group 1 (freight management) has received a number of responses to a questionnaire to gather information about current strategies and measures. The Australian response covers Adelaide and Melbourne.  Work has commenced on analyzing case studies (questionnaire outputs) and developing possible models for overall road freight transport management, including desirable freight vehicle flow, configuration of infrastructure, and transport regulations and guidelines.

Working Group 2 has commenced with a theoretical discussion on co-modality, which is summarised in an article in the ‘second quarter’ (April 13) edition of Routes / Roads. Work is underway to draft the first three chapters of the report, including the study methodology and theoretical context (for discussion and review in Oct 13), with case studies to be identified and documented over the next six months.

The next meeting of TC 2.3 is in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 25 – 26 Oct 13, prior to the International Seminar (see below).

Routes / Roads

Routes/ Roads is the quarterly WRA / PIARC

TheApr 13edition has been released and has a freight focus and may be of particular interest to members of the FTF. TC 2.3 coordinated the preparation and review of articles for this edition, and members provided a number of the articles. The most recent edition of Routes / Roads (3rd quarter 2013) has a focus on road safety.

Technical Reports

Members may be interested in the publication of two reports from TC B4, Freight Transport and Intermodality (2008-2011):

Intermodal Freight Terminals – Challenges and Good Practice,

Public Sector Governance Over Urban Freight Transport,

International Seminars

Technical committees are obliged to conduct two international seminars each cycle (four years). TC 2.3 will be involved in an international seminar, ‘International Seminar on Freight Transport and Intermodality’, in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 28 - 30 Oct 13. The second announcement, which includes the Program (nine speakers / presenters from TC 2.3) is on the WRA / PIARC website (

Discussions are also underway in relation to a possible seminar in Cameroon in 2014, which is most likely to be held in the second half of 2014 in Duala.

Special Projects

A call for proposals for ‘special projects’ (funding up to 20,000€) was circulated within TC 2.3 and the FTF. The deadline for submissions was 1 May . A proposal was submitted to the WRA General Secretariat by the Burkina Faso member of TC 2.3, but no feedback has been received in relation to whether or not it was successful in attracting funding.

World Road Congress

The end of the current WRA / PIARC cycle will be marked by the World Road Congress in Seoul,2 – 6 Nov 15.

​October 8, 2015 - Report

RA-C23-E.pdfRI-C23-E.pdfWRC 2015 - TC23 Session Program (draft).doc

Dear Members, Corresponding Members and Associate Members

World Road Congress, Seoul

The World Road Congress, to be held in Seoul over the period 2 – 6 November 2015, is getting close now.  I hope you are receiving updates from the organisers, and information is available on the WRC website and also the Congress website (

In preparation for the Congress and the end of the 2012 – 2015 cycle, I have prepared and submitted an Activity Report and Introductory Report for our Committee.  I have attached pdf copies of these for your information.  I have also contributed to and settled content related to TC 2.3 for the General Report for ST2.

At the Congress, TC 2.3 will conduct a session, Freight Transport.  I have attached a draft program for the TC 2.3 session, consistent with the discussion at our meeting in Paris, guidance from the General Secretariat (the break time is mandatory), and the selection of invited papers.

There are still two speaking opportunities available.  I have offered these to members who have previously expressed interest to me or I think may be interested in the opportunity.  Any comments on the proposed program would be welcome.

By way of a reminder, information for the WRC that is particularly relevant to TC 2.3 members follows:

  • TC 2.3 meeting (largely for any final preparations for our session), 17:10 – 18:40 on Wednesday 4 November 2015
  • TC 2.3 technical session (Freight Transport), 09:00 – 12:40 on Thursday 5 November 2015
  • ST 2 session (Mobility and Increased Urbanisation), 15:00 – 18:40 Tuesday 3 November 2015

I would also like to suggest that members attending the WRC gather for a final Committee Dinner.  I will circulate a Doodle survey in coming days, seeking advice in relation to who is planning to attend the Congress and date preferences for a Committee dinner.





At this stage of the WRA cycle there is a fair bit of demand on TCs for translation of documents.  This includes the Activity Report and Introductory Report, and our Technical Reports.

As you may be aware, Eiichi has arranged for commercial translation of the WG1 report to French, and the WRA General Secretariat is arranging translation to French of the WG 2 report.  Carlos is also looking at what might be possible in relation to translation to Spanish.

As discussed at our meeting in Paris, and previously, it would be appreciated if some members would assist by contributing a share of the cost of translation of the WG1 report to French.  Eiichi has advised that the total cost is Euro 5,000, and I have offered $A1,000 (just under Euro 700).  I look forward to hearing from members who may be able to contribute.

Don Hogben
General Manager, Planning and Transport Policy
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

T +618 8204 8592 (internal 48592)    M +61 407 365 131    E
136 North Terrace ADELAIDE SA 5000   GPO Box 1533 ADELAIDE SA 5001