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TC 2.5 Rural Road Systems and Accessibility to Rural Areas
TC 2.5 Rural Road Systems  Accessibility to Rural Areas
Corresponding Member
Jocelyn Pritchett
Pritchett Engineering  Planning
797 Liberty Road Suite 200
Flowood, Mississippi  39232
Full Member
Melinda McGrath
Executive Director Chief Administrative Officer
Mississippi Department of Transportation
401 North West Street
Jackson, Mississippi  39210-1010

601 359-7002;

Shared Information:

TC 2.5 (Rural Roads) met in Rome, Italy Thursday, May 16 through Friday, May 17 of 2013.  The AASHTO members were both in attendance.  A questionnaire was distributed prior to the meeting concerning the status of rural roads in each country, funding situations, funding opportunities and status of construction and maintenance issues.  The results of the questionnaire were tallied before we assembled in Rome and the outcomes were discussed at our committee meeting.  It is becoming apparent that maintenance of rural roads is a major issue in most of the countries represented on our committee.  Funding for construction seems to be available through  various international means but the smaller countries are left to fund their own maintenance activities, often at a lower level than desired.  Several presentations were given regarding how transportation officials are creatively dealing with this issue, including work and training programs for local people to assist with maintenance activities.  Our committee meets again in Durban, South Africa Nov 25 thru Nov 29. Attached is a program for your information. PIARC Program 6.pdf (J. Pritchett)